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10140 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Blood Bank Hero: PaytonBlood Bank Hero: WrigleyTwo of my goldens, Payton and Wrigley, are Blood Bank Heroes and I could not be prouder of them. They love all the attention, and food and treats, that they receive at the blood bank. Everyone there is just wonderful. The dogs are tired for a few hours, and honestly it’s nice to have some peace and quiet sometimes. Payton and Wrigley don’t understand what a monumental difference they could be making in someone’s life, but I do.

Imagine your worst nightmare, your dog is injured or sick, and the only chance is a blood transfusion. What if there weren’t enough blood donors that week? What if someone couldn’t take a few hours every two months to bring their dog in to donate blood? What if there was absolutely no chance for your dog to live? You would be devastated and heartbroken and feel completely helpless. Someday, Payton or Wrigley may need that blood to survive. If that makes me selfish, for hoping that I can create my own karma, I’m good with that.

There’s also the unselfish reason to have your dog be a Blood Bank Hero. It’s the right thing to do. Give back to your community and to others that may need help. Be generous with your time and your heart. Not every dog can be saved from injury or illness, but let’s do everything to give them a fighting chance.


Wheat Ridge
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10140 W. 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


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Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital will be the premier veterinary hospital in the state, providing unsurpassed veterinary care and client service, offering the best possible clinical outcomes for our patients and an empathetic partner in the process for our clients.

Bill Cicero, BS, MBA, Hospital Director

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