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When Your Pet is a Patient

What follows below is a short guide for what you can expect while your pet is an inpatient at our hospital. If you have any questions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What to Expect When Your Pet Has Been Admitted
Specialty Consults and Appointments

Primary care veterinarians are welcome to refer patients to Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital for diagnosis and treatment or to obtain a second opinion of a specific medical or surgical problem. We feel it is important to have the patient’s complete medical records including radiographs, blood tests results and ultrasound reports. We, in turn, will communicate our findings to the referring primary care veterinarian so the records can become part of the patient’s permanent medical history. Once the diagnosis and treatment are complete, we will recommend that the pets return to their primary care veterinarians for any further care.

Typically, your primary care veterinarian will send us a referral form. The form will describe your pet’s problem and identify the appropriate specialty department to see your pet.

Upon arrival please check in with our client care representatives. While you wait you can relax in one of several waiting areas. Please ask our team members if you need help finding a good spot for you and your pet. A technician will collect you from the waiting area and bring you to the exam room to begin the appointment, getting a full history and taking vitals.

To schedule your appointment for your initial visit, call 303-424-3325. If you have questions about your appointment only, you can also contact us here.

Primary Care Appointments (Annual Wellness and Sick Appointments)

Patients that have a Primary Care veterinarian at Wheat Ridge can make an appointment for their annual wellness exams, vaccines, sick visits, dental consults, and new puppy/kitten exams.  To schedule an appointment, call 303-424-3325.

If Your Pet is Admitted to the Hospital

Prior to admission, you will receive information from the medical team about your pet’s specific condition and/or treatment plan. Please ask if anything remains unclear following this conversation. Our team’s goal is to ensure that all of your questions are answered. We will always go through an itemized treatment plan with you.

How We Contact You

During your pet’s hospitalization, our medical team will call at regular intervals with updates on your pet’s condition. Please be sure to provide our Client Care Specialists with your preferred telephone numbers if you haven’t done so already. Our commitment to you and your pet is to provide the highest standards of medical care and personal service possible.

During Your Pet’s Hospitalization
Medical Updates

You will receive daily updates on your pet’s condition. We will also call if there are significant changes in your pet’s status. You may call for information about your pet at other times, but please understand that you may not be able to talk to a member of your medical team directly. If you are asked to leave a voicemail, a team member will return that call in a timely manner.

In an effort to streamline all communications, we ask that you designate one family member for all medical updates, and ask that he or she relay information to the rest of your family.

We treat each patient’s medical condition as confidential. You can be assured that we will not discuss your pet’s condition with anyone but you or the person you have designated on the patient information sheet, nor will we be able to discuss the condition of another patient with you. We will however keep your family veterinarian updated of your pet’s condition.

When Your Pet is Ready to Leave the Hospital

Please be prepared to spend up to one hour during the discharge process for your pet. It is important to have time to review your pet’s at-home care instructions and ask any questions you may have.

Once your doctor feels that your pet is well enough to be sent home, a member of our medical team will contact you to review:

Pet's Current Medical Condition

Pet's Discharge Instructions

Your Medical Costs and Balance

Pet's Follow-Up Appointment

Please do not hesitate to ask if you require any assistance getting your pet into your vehicle. We are here to help.
We remove all bandages related to IV catheters or blood draws from your pet prior to leaving the hospital. In some cases, a bandage may be needed until your pet gets home. Our medical staff will instruct you on removal of the bandage.
If you have any questions about home care or your bill, please do not hesitate to ask.
Patient Records


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Client Registration Form

Please fill out our Client Registration Form when you arrive in our office. Online form coming soon. Thank you.

Pet Owner Resources


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Going the Extra Mile

When they’re with us, they’re part of our family.

Our teams will go beyond the call of duty in making sure patients are comfortable and feeling loved while away from home. Follow us on social media for patient stories, updates, and team highlights!

Ask us about sharing your pet’s medical journey on social media to spread awareness, positivity, and education to all.

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We are an AAHA Certified Hospital

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. Practices that accept the challenge of accreditation are evaluated on stringent quality standards that encompass all aspects of veterinary medicine—from pain management and patient care to team training and medical record keeping. To learn more about The American Animal Hospital Association, visit their website.

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Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital will be the premier veterinary hospital in the state, providing unsurpassed veterinary care and client service, offering the best possible clinical outcomes for our patients and an empathetic partner in the process for our clients.

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